Our work with LQCD and GPU technology on the Edge cluster was recently featured in the 2011 Computation Directorate Annual Review (see page 22) in the section "GPU Cluster Give Scientists an Edge."  2011 Computation Directorate Annual Review

The Lattice Group at LLNL pursues research in three topics areas:

  • Cold QCD - Hadron Interactions, Fundamental Symmetries, and Nuclear Matrix Elements
  • Hot QCD - Finite Temperature QCD and applications to Heavy Ion Collisions
  • High Energy Physics - Investigation of physics Beyond the Standard Model and particle Dark Matter using strongly interacting theories

These topics involve strong interactions that can only be studied numerically using Lattice methods and the largest available massively parallel supercomputers. Our group uses the unique computing capabilities of LLNL to advance the state of the art in these cutting edge but demanding research fronts. Because we do our research together with large US collaborations we bring capabilities to the US scientific community that otherwise would be inaccessible. In the process we contribute towards the design and development of next generation supercomputers and numerical algorithms that are important to LLNL's supercomputing missions.