The 2012 HotQCD Collaboration Meeting is hosted by the LLNL Lattice Group and will be held at the Livermore Valley Open Campus LVOC High Performance Computing Innovation Center (HPCIC) on Febrary 24, 2012.

Members of the HotQCD Collaboration should register (provide names and affiliations) by Feb. 10. US citizens will be asked to show a valid US driver's license, and on-US citizens will be asked to show a valid passport upon entering the HPCIC.

A modest registration fee will be collected at the meeting to cover the cost of the lunch that will be provided. Please fill out the lunch order form (.pdf) and email to Drew Andersen at

There will be a collaboration dinner in the evening following the meeting. Details will be provided at the workshop and on the Schedule page.

Ron Soltz and Pavlos Vranas

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Drew Andersen

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